Don’t be bamboozled!

Don’t be bamboozled!

By In General On 13th November 2019

If we are not arguing about Brexit or elections, we should be talking about how we can help to be more environmentally friendly.

One simple way is to learn about bamboo flooring.

It has become increasing popular due to its eco-friendly, sustainable characteristics.

It’s main fabulous feature is that the forests are able to self-regenerate and maintain a natural ecosystem for future harvesting.

Unlike wood, bamboo is an integrated plant structure. By cutting the pole, you do not damage the underlying living root structure.  If the root is intact, the bamboo will continue to grow and be ready for another harvest in five years’ time.

Bamboo also prevents against soil erosion and provides income for local rural areas. It is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as a construction material for thousands of years.

In a nutshell, by choosing bamboo, you will not affect the worlds dwindling timber resources. Bamboo is the perfect natural alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.

So, apart from all the eco-friendly characteristics, why would you select bamboo flooring over other varieties of hardwoods?

Well, it is also unique, elegant and modern and resistant to moisture and humidity. As far as durability is concerned, bamboo is an extremely strong, natural material.  It actually has a higher fibre rating than wood, meaning it can withstand compression better than timber and even concrete.

So….a quality floor product that is beautiful, functional AND eco-friendly.

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